Who is Jesus ?



Lately my brain has been racked relentlessly over The Gospel. In case your unfamiliar with The Gospel it is simply this: Jesus Christ who is also God put on flesh to be a perfected example of what we as humans are to mirror then died for our sins and in this gospel it signifies “good news” and in that good news lies this: while we were once sinners Christ died for the ungodly. Which by the way is amazing news considering we are all such rugged individuals who are absolutely undeserving of the grace Jesus poured upon us. By doing this God the father gave up his son Jesus Christ for our sins so that we might receive eternity in heaven. Heaven is being prepared by God as a place of no sin in which those who accept Christ get to spend eternity apart from all that sin has to offer. You know, things like pain, sorrow, rape, murder, evil…all of that is unwelcomed in heaven. Most importantly, your spending eternity with Jesus. What a sweet place to spend eternity! That’s The Gospel simplified. (Go read John 1 for the gospel wrapped into one chapter basically) For those of you who understand The Gospel already let me share how my brain has been being racked relentlessly as I called it. Basically this: (I love putting these : then typing..don’t ask why. I just do and I don’t try to put commas and such where they go. You get the point. Ok thanks. Here we go)……basically I feel as if I am watching a ton of Christians ruin The Gospel. Is that possible? That the people who were called to equip. Send out. And reach people are the same people ruining what Christ died for? It’s totally possible. Let me explain this first, I do not mean that a human can literally ruin the work that has already been done on the cross. I simply mean Christians are giving Jesus a bad name. Here’s why: In Jesus’ days of ministry He had a particular group that just always seemed to cause him trouble. Over and over. Who were these people? The prostitutes? No. Tax collectors? No. Drug dealers? No. Actually, it was religious leaders that seemingly caused Jesus the most frustration. But why is that? Disagree with me if you want. That’s fine. Because I will still write. Here’s what I think: religious leaders were all rules and no relationship. Let me say this. That is not how Jesus did ministry.


Jesus was highly relational. You know what I love so much about Jesus? The “bad” people actually enjoyed being around Him. Jesus would have meals with these people but the religious leaders were saying “stay away from them” “they are sinners” “don’t eat with them” “don’t even be seen with them””Jesus what are you doing with those people”…….let me explain this. My brain moves in a lot of directions at once so I will throw out many random thoughts and at the end I’ll bring it in for a hopeful attempt to explain my point of it all. You with me? Ok. I’m gonna need to continue this on another post but for now let me wrap up with this: 1. Learn who Jesus truly is before you put on a false indication of who Christ is. 2. Quit running “the lost” and non believers off with the religious leader approach…it didn’t work 2,000 years ago so it’s not going to work today. 3. The Gospel is good news right? So let’s act like it. Be loving. Be kind. Be passionate. Give those around you a reason to wanna be a part of what Jesus died for. 4. Knowledge is great but being relational with Jesus daily is much more important. I could be wrong and if I am that’s fine because while your focusing on knowing more I’ll be focusing on knowing Jesus more. Will Jesus really look at me one day and say I wish you would’ve known more? No, probably not but what He may say is I wish you would’ve spent more time with me.


Jesus- Outside the box pt1


This video was made simply just to get your brains rolling in the direction of the deity of Jesus. Jesus is God yet was man as well. So what does that look like and when did that start? We talk a lot about the things Christ accomplished during his 3 years of ministry but what about before He was born where was he? I hope to cover that over the next several videos but for now here is part 1. Ask any questions and I would be glad to try and tackle the questions or if i can’t I will find someone who can.

The attack on humanity pt1

The thought:
(1 kings 14)
The character portrayed in the story is known as Elijah, who was called by God as a prophet. As the story unfolds Elijah is faced with a calling in which he has the option to run to or fro. The story represents Elijah running from Gods calling 100s of miles in the opposite direction. He runs from the queen Jezebel taking the placement of a coward rather than a trustworthy servant of God. This is right after Elijah performed certain acts down right miraculous..through the power of God by his overwhelming faith and trust in the father. He prayed for rain after it hadn’t rained for…get this… years! Not days or months but years and it rained! followed by hundreds of false prophets being killed by the power of God through the prayer of Elijah. Then after the performed acts that would assumingly put anyone on the mt Everest of a spiritual high, Elijah fell in depression for days. Why? After all of this why would he suddenly become depressed? We’re talking Elijah, the prayer warrior who has just seen God present his power first hand and experienced the father at such a depth unimaginable. Why would  he now wear the placement of a coward?  Where did the faith of the same Elijah go? Now that he is being sought out to death with none to spare from the queen he loses faith and goes into hiding for days with severe depression…but why?


It is important to undersea where the attack of satan and his army lie. The depth of disparity at which it gnaws with clenching teeth into the hearts of believers. It seeps into rooms unnoticed and locks the door. Searching to devour any spiritual magnitude within ones soul. The heart it longs for, a home soon to be. This is the hope of satan and his Army. Ultimately, in short to destroy Gods people in any shape or fashion. Rip families apart, break relationships of loved ones, distract a positive image of God to a negative portrait, offer false hope. He is the father of lies and his plan is never changing. His manipulative structure is shredding any victim open to attack. The good news however is that we have been given a savior and a God who has complete power and control over such a manipulatant. The creator of this world God will unleash every inch of his heavy weighing wrath crushing satan and his army  for all eternity. So while satan is granted with much power on this sinful earth in which we walk, the ultimate victory has already been claimed for the children of God. Our reward is Jesus Christ and eternity in a sinless heaven with an eternal relationship with God the father. The take away from this passage is that we must always be alert spiritually for war between the father of lies and the father of life. Power has been given to us in preparation for such battle through the Spirit of God by the resurrected Son of God. Must we never lose sight of the complete truth in that the Almighty God has complete dominion over satan.
 In relation to Elijah,  Satan attacked where he saw fit and Elijah was unprepared. It went from an amazing, positive, spiritual journey to a trip of deep, sickening disheartening depression that snapped his very joy.
Two take aways
1. “Be alert” for the spiritual attack.
2. How will you respond to the spiritual attack
Satan thrives on the attack of humanity to displace any children of God or potential children of God. How we handle such warfare determines how much of a foothold we allow him into our lives. Meaning put on the full armor of God. We have power through the blood of Jesus Christ to overcome any chain that is tied to our very being. Follow God the father through the son by the power invested in us through the Holy Spirit. Victory is ours and the enemy has been defeated so we must live as if we truly believe in the Almighty unchangeable God we serve.